Cheerfulway help trade promotion in Madeira

The Cheerfulway Bravamar Hotel was the preference of the company Hilti Portugal, to promote an information session of the brand and its products in Madeira.

Hilti, a global leader in developing products, systems and services, invited all professionals in the construction industry Madeira to join this event that took place on November 25, 2015, in the meeting room of Cheerfulway Bravamar Hotel.

Cheerfulway Bravamar Hotel help promotion Hilti Portugal   Hilti Portugal promoted at Cheeefulway Bravamar Hotel in Madeira


Did you know that...The word Algarve

The word Algarve comes from Al Gharb?

Al Gharb was the region southwest of the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim rule since 711, when the Arab invasions in the Peninsula.

Al Garbe derives from an Arabic expression, Gharb, which means West. Accordingly, the Al Garbe toponym refers to the region to the west of Al Andalus, or simply to the territory to the west.