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The Cheerfulway is a company established under the incentive program "Company in time", on May 31, 2011, with the sole purpose of exploring a small resort and without any ambition and / or intention of planned growth.

Cheerfulway means "cheerful way" and among all the names that were available at the time for creating the "company in time", was the one most suited to our spirit at the time, because we were so happy with the opportunity, on the other side would serve also as a tribute to the partner, who would take on the beginning of the project, his name also "Alegre" (cheerful translated to English).

The first stage of the path ran satisfactorily and thrilled with the outcome, we sought other opportunities that with the help of friends, appeared and was materialized.

As a company dedicated to operate only during the summer, the Cheerfulway resumed its activity in May 2012 for to explore three hotel units, The Cheerfulway Vila Alba, The Cheerfulway Cheerfulway California and the Cheerfulway Alto do Moinho, all units in Albufeira and a short distance between them, which helped a lot the insufficient logistics of the company, at that time.

Returned to run reasonably well and we decided not to seek other opportunities, investing instead, in improving the existing portfolio.

In 2013 we improved our logistics and service conditions, we acquired four cars, three for services and one to transport customers to the beach and center of Albufeira, we have opened the season with the Cheerfulway Vila Alba and the Cheerfulway California Hotel highly improved, both on the level of decoration as on the equipment, facilities and public areas, which deserved repair of the customers, and business partners, was thus achieved the main goal, the placement of our image a notch above.

We make a simple management (cash journal type) and so, we remain financially stable with all commitments resolved, both in the area of employees as in suppliers, as well as in the maintenance of satisfaction of the companies and / or owners who have units operated by Cheerfulway.

Certainly because of the attitude we have and we want to keep, other proposals appeared and in October 2013 was already expected an operation in 2014 with a total of 5 hotels.

Another opportunity has come, this time in Madeira, negotiated during the months of November and December of that year, remodeled and opened during the first 3 months of 2014, the Cheerfulway Bravamar Hotel has increased the company's portfolio to 6 units.

Knowing that we would have to change our systems to do the face the sudden growth, we changed our computer system to another, with a centralized database in order to respond timely to the legal obligations, to the tour operators needs, but essentially so that our clients are recognized as Cheerfulway users, doesn't matter which unit they become lodged.

To be continued…

Ribeira Brava is...

Ribeira Brava (Wild River) is named after its river; when it rains heavily in the mountains, waters rapidly run down to sea. It is a small town on the southwestern coast of the island with steep valleys on either side and is a very pleasant tourist stop. In between these valleys is the Madeira Sports centre with excellent facilities, which attract all types of sports and athletics.

Visit the local church “Igreja de São Bento“, considered over the years as the best preserved and presented regional monument containing valuable paintings dating back to the 16th century. This church is open to the public.

By the sea but protected from the Atlantic waves for safe swimming is a man-made black sandy beach, children’s swimming pool and promenade with cafes, snack bar and restaurants where you can spend a quiet and enjoyable afternoon. Climb the spiral staircase at the east end of the town for a spectacular view, or walk through the adjacent rock tunnel to the fishing harbour.