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The use of the website, CHEERFULWAY.COM, are governed by these Terms and Conditions in association with any terms specifically stipulated on individual pages of the sites in question. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use this web site.

1. General
To the user is not permitted relinquishment, sublicensing or transference or any other form of any of their rights stipulated in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
If any clause contained in these Terms and Conditions is determined invalid by a qualified court of law, the invalidity of this clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses included in these Terms and Conditions, which will remain in full force and effect.
The non-execution by one of the parties of any right or expedient in compliance with these Terms and Conditions does not constitute a renunciation of this right or expedient.

2. Use of the Site
Use of the site implies that the user must be of age (minimum 18 years) and be able to enter into binding contracts. The user will be financially responsible for any and all use of the site by him/herself. The user may use the site only to make legitimate reservations or acquisitions. We reserve the right, at any time and without previous notice, to impede or limit access to the user of the entire site or any part of the site.

3. Availability of the Site
The web site may not always be accessible due to maintenance or repair operations, or due to information technology failures, internet service failures or other unforeseen circumstances. 4. Contents presented on the Site
All the elements contained on the site and information sent by electronic mail are protected by copyrights, trademarks, data and privacy protection rights and other intellectual property rights, and are the property of Cheerfulway Lda.

5. Limitation of Responsibility and Deresponsabilization Clause
Although Cheerfulway Lda takes every possible measure to assure the exactness of the contents of the site, the information is of a generic nature and does not claim to include all information related to the products and services mentioned on the site. Thus, Cheerfulway Lda does not guarantee that the contents will be adequate for particular circumstances of the user or will satisfy his/her specific needs.
Cheerfulway Lda is not responsible for any errors or omissions considered to be outside of its reasonable control that might affect any contents on the site.
The site may include links to access other websites that are beyond our control and which are not in compliance with these Terms and Conditions. If the user accesses other sites using the links provided, the availability and contents of these sites will be the responsibility of their operators.

6. Registration
If the user registers or provides his/her personal data through the site, he/she should be assured that the data supplied in the act of registration or at any other time are correct and complete. The user is committed to reporting immediately any necessary alterations to the information supplied while registering.
Cheerfulway Lda guarantees full confidentiality for the personal data supplied through the secure server and under the terms of the law in force.

7. Alterations to these Terms
Cheerfulway Lda reserves the right, at its discretion, to make any alterations on any part of the site. Because of its updating policy, Cheerfulway Lda may wish to alter these Terms and Conditions (including those related to the use of contents). In case of alterations in the Terms and Conditions, Cheerfulway Lda will notify the user, indicating at the beginning of these Terms and conditions the date of its last updating. Therefore it is important that whenever the user accesses the site, he/she checks to see if there is any notification of alterations to the Terms and Conditions. Use of the site after publication or notification of alterations on the part of Cheerfulway Lda COM implies the acceptance of these alterations. If the user does not wish to be subject to these alterations, he/she should not continue to use the site.

8 . Promotions and Offers
Cheerfulway Lda may make information available on the site related to specific services, offers or promotions that are occurring. Such services, offers or promotions will be subject to the specific terms, conditions and restrictions found on the site associated with these same services, offers and promotions.

9. Contests and Awarding of Prizes
From time to time Cheerfulway Lda may promote contests and the awarding of free prizes and promotions on its site. These will be subject to additional terms and conditions which will be divulged when the contests take place.

10. Court of Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions are governed and interpreted according to Portuguese law. Both parties agree, in the exclusive interest of Cheerfulway Lda, to elect the Portuguese courts as the competent and exclusive courts of law to judge and decide any lawsuits, actions, or judicial measures that may emerge or result from this contract; unless it has been agreed upon that in this clause of election of a competent legal court in the exclusive interest of Cheerfulway Lda reserves the right to press legal actions against the user in law courts of competent jurisdiction in any other country.


11. Online Occupation/Reservations
If the Cheerfulway Lda Online Reservations system available on the respective site is used, the terms and conditions relating to availability, prices and cancellations apply to each room price indicated and the user should carefully read the details provided regarding charges before completing the reservation process. Any special needs should be communicated while making the reservations, although a response to these is not guaranteed.

12. Cancelations and No-Show
Cancellations /No-show and Early Departure
Cancellations made 07 days prior to arrival will be charged 30% cancellation fee.

In case the Guest fails to arrive on the estimated arrival day, the Hotel reserves the right to
charge 50% of the entire stay.

Early departure will be charged 50% of the remaining days.

No Deposits are required to guarantee the reservation, only credit card details (number, expiration date, and the security code) will be necessary.

The prices denominated by “Prices From” in the hotels presentation list, are considered to be the lowest price available, per night, per person, for the respective unit (hotel) up to the end of the current year and therefore, there is no guarantee of this price’s availability every time a research in done in our reservations system (variable price depending on research date). Because these are already the lowest available rates, which may therefore include the promotional campaigns, no added discounts are applicable.

14. Cheerfulway LdaCheck in /Check out:

Check-in time: after 2 pm

Check-out time: until 12 noon

Later check-out may be possible, subject to availability and previous request the day before departure, at the Hotel Front Desk.

A Late Check-out time charge may occur, depending on the time of departure.



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