Cheerfulway sponsored New Year's Eve in Albufeira

The New Year of Albufeira is one of the most important in the Algarve and has been gaining more and more visitors over in recent years, both domestic and foreign.

New Year in Albugeira sponsored by CheerfulwayThe Cheerfulway Hotels & Resorts has partnered with New Year's Eve Albufeira through its sponsorship.

Five days of great animation, with many street events, including concerts, parades, shows, fire Fireworks, one medieval fair and a mood festival.

The New Year of Albufeira is now an event with size and unstoppable momentum, with a major impact in terms of promotion of Albufeira brand, and naturally return to companies in the region.

The program included a special issue of TVI over six hours of broadcasting, band concert DAMA and James Bettencourt at Praça dos Pescadores, midnight fireworks from Fisherman's Beach and Oura Beach. A Star Parade quite lively concluded already in 2015, a long day of festivities.

The program of festivities lasted until January 4 with two busiest events: Paderne Medieval Festival and the Solrir Festival, where the best Portuguese comedians propocionaram truly hilarious moments. these two events, alone handled more than 16,000 people.

By sponsoring more this great event in Albufeira, Cheerfulway Hotels & Resorts is aware that the support of private business private to the municipal initiatives is a fundamantal addition to attracting more visitors and boosting the
cities throughout the year.


Did you know that... The town and municipal area of Albufeira

The town and municipal area of Albufeira come under the jurisdiction of the district of Faro in the province called the Algarve, on the south coast of Portugal. It covers an area of approximately 140 km² with more than 40.000 resident inhabitants including 4.000 foreigners who have chosen to live here.