Cheerfulway awarded PME Excellence

Cheerfulway Hotels & Resorts awarded the PME Excellence award.

Cheerfulway PME Excellence 20151845 companies representing various sectors of activity North to South were distinguished on 26 January in Santa Maria da Feira, with the PME Excellence 2014, a reputation seal created by IAPMEI to discriminate in favor of companies that present annual best economic-financial performance, creating greater visibility to a business segment with active contributions to the economy and the national employment.

These are companies that have ratios of financial strength and profitability well above the national average and that have managed to act in a counter, combining an average sales growth of 15%, with the increase in exports situated at 16%, two and a half times above when compared with the results of the national business structure.

With average financial autonomy greater than 54%, PMEs distinguished record returns well above the national average, with growth exceeding 40% in terms of equity, sales, and active, thus confirming the higher profile of these companies in terms performance.

More than 64% of the companies has its activity related to industry and trade, with the following tourism and services, with about 12% each, the other sectors most represented in the sample PME Excellence 2014.

Together the companies are responsible for more than 69,000 jobs and are mostly concentrated in Port districts (19%), Lisbon (17%), Aveiro (13%), Braga (12%) and Leiria (9%).

The PME Excellence is awarded annually by the IAPMEI, in partnership with Turismo de Portugal and the major banks operating in Portugal, and is part of a company training program launched by IAPMEI, in order to give notoriety and optimize conditions financing and competitive strengthening the PME segment leader, companies with higher risk profiles, which are important features for its development levers for the economy and employment in the country.

The selection of PME Excellence is made annually from the world of PME Leader, creating an increased visibility tool for the group of companies each year stand out for the best results.
Source: the 01/30/2015


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