Come to know Levadas da Madeira

Portugal continues to be, for a variety of reasons, a motif for international prominence and mentioned in several organs of Information, always with special relevance for the tourism sector.

Levadas da Madeira - Cheerfulway Bravamar Hotel Ribeira BravaIn this context, the island of Madeira, and more precisely its islands, are highlighted and recommended by National
Geographic that includes Madeira in its "Best Summer Trips 2017". Reason for pride, of course, for those who, like Cheerfulway, through its hotel unit Bravamar Hotel, has always felt motivated to divulge the natural beauties and particularities of the island of Madeira, Funchal, Ribeira Brava, etc. Next to the tourists staying at Bravamar Hotel Ribeira Brava.

Here's what National Geographic says in its latest issue: "If you're feeling adventurous, this summer of 2017 visit  the Levadas of Madeira ".
"Discover the flow of water within the forests of Madeira".

And it continues in the article:

"Portugal sure stands out this year, but the mainland is only part of what the country offers. To explore a different facet of Portuguese history, head to the island of Madeira, off the northwest coast of Africa. A strategic stop for Portuguese explorers, Madeira not only possesses towering mountains and turquoise waters, but an extensive 1,926 miles of ancient water channels, or levadas.
After settlers arrived in 1425, these levadas were a critical component to irrigating the island’s settlements. The levadas are still functional today, and visitors can explore them via hiking trains that trace the path of water from mountain streams down to the sea. In 2017, Madeira applied to UNESCO for the levadas to hold World Heritage status.

Go now, before the rest of the world figures out how beautiful they are. For more advanced hikers, we recommend the Vereda do Areeiro trail, though be sure to check for closures before you go. Beginners can start with Verada dos Balcões. Be prepared for waterfalls, lush forests, and awe".

So you know, take the advice of National Geographic and go and get to know the routes of the Levadas of Madeira. Cheerfulway Hotels & Resorts will be happy to receive your reservation for the Bravamar Hotel in Ribeira Brava through your Website at


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